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I was thinking about the other morning when i went back drunk, and i realized, i was thinking about killing myself or wondering how.

i blacked out for a bit, but I remember picking up the knife, but i don’t remember bringing it into the bathroom with me at all. I thought i had put it back down or put it in the sink. When i came out of it, i was staring at the knife in my hand.

…and i kinda feel like i should’ve went through with it.

kinda sad that you demanded to see my messages, yet when i told you to show me yours, you wouldn’t agree to it after that and dropped the subject then proceeded to kick me out.

now why’s that?… and you call me “shady”.

ugh, what ‘evs, your bitch ass is gonna be crying for me later anyways. giving me this, “they miss you, i miss you” bullshit.

probably be creeping on my tumblr since he can’t creep my facebook anyways, lolol. have fun with that.

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